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Is Print Media Yester-year?

Posted by on 12 Sep 2017 under General Printing

Printing technology has a rich history

Printing technology has a rich history, but does this mean that printed media is yester-year?

This is a question on the lips of so many people and the simple answer is NO. Digital may be cheaper and more efficient in reaching a wider audience faster but print media remains a powerful cog in the advertising wheel.

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Ten Tips for Creating a Successful Brochure

Posted by on 11 Aug 2017 under Brochures

Our Top Tips for Creating the Best Brochure for Your Business

Our Top Tips for Creating the Best Brochure for Your Business

A successful marketing campaign involves a multifaceted approach. There are several elements to marketing either a business or product. These include:

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Door Hangers: New Direct Marketing Trend

Posted by on 18 Jul 2017 under General Printing

Use Door Hangers to Market Your Business Now

Use Door Hangers to Market Your Business Now

When you think about door hangers it is usually in the context of a Do Not Disturb sign hanging off a hotel door knob. But door hangers can be used as direct marketing tools too. If you think about how well they work in hotels – when you put it out on the door handle, 99 percent of the time you know that you won’t be disturbed. Why? Because they are very visible and highly effective at conveying the message that you don’t want to be disturbed – there is no room for doubt as to what the communication is.

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The History of Posters

Posted by on 21 Jun 2017 under Posters

The History of Posters

Where did Posters of today come from?

Posters have been around for several hundreds of years. Predominantly text based, they were used to advertise events and specific products; they were used as placards, sandwich boards and billboards too. But it was only in the late 1880s that the modern poster evolved. This evolution coincided with technological, political and social changes of the day.

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Brochure Printing as a Marketing Tool

Posted by on 19 May 2017 under Brochures

The importance of brochure printing as a marketing tool

The importance of brochure printing as a marketing tool

While we do live in an age that is very much dominated by digital marketing and advertising, it is very important not to underestimate the importance and impact of printed marketing collateral especially when it comes to printed brochures.

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How to successfully use QR Codes in print

Posted by on 26 Apr 2017 under General Printing

Printed QR Code on a Business Card

Printed QR Codes and How to Use Them

As the years go by, we are actively leaning towards a more digital world – and QR codes are unquestionably a part of the evolution.

*QR = Quick Response

connect offline customers with online (web) content. The barcode is read by a camera-equipped smartphone with a QR code-scanning application. The purpose of a QR code is to give customers (and potential customers) more information about your company/product in an engaging and interactive way. QR codes were first introduced by Denso Wave in 1994.

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Points To Consider When Choosing Fonts

Posted by on 24 Mar 2017 under General Printing

Helvetica, Verdana and Arial, Strong, Bold and Easy to Read Fonts

Helvetica, Verdana and Arial are always great fonts to use

Typography is a field in which people have devoted years of their lives to. It’s an ancient craft that has been studied vigorously over the years – yet there will always be something new to discover.

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Getting you from ‘A’ to ‘Business Success’

Posted by on 22 Feb 2017 under Vehicle Branding

Business Vehicle Branding

Branding for your Business Vehicles

Superficial as it may seem, even the most enlightened of us cannot help but remark on what our neighbour (whether in the house next door or in the next lane over) drives. The fact is that your car says a lot about you. But only if it can be identified as your car. Without you, your car is just an unsigned canvass and all the credit and esteem that could have gone your way is left by the roadside. This is doubly true of your business. You own an advertising asset you have under-utilised. Change that today.

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The History of Printing

Posted by on 19 Jan 2017 under General Printing

The History of Printing – We’ve come a long way from early printing presses

Printing has come a long way since the first recorded examples from Mesopotamia in around 3000 BC. The early methods were crude and quite basic cylindrical seals were used to roll impressions onto clay tablets. Around this time stamps were being used in both China and Egypt to imprint information onto various substrates, including cloth. It was only when the earliest version of paper was invented in China that the birth of printed material as we might know came about. Printing methods were still very basic, labour intensive and antiquated.

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Get noticed with customised postcards

Posted by on 22 Dec 2016 under Postcards

Customised Postcards

There is a big misconception in today’s marketing circles that direct marketing is no longer relevant because of the advent of digital marketing. Yes, certain forms don’t really produce the desired effect, but that is not to say that this applies to across the board, there are some tried and tested exceptions. And customised postcards are one of these exceptions. They are a very effective way to reach your audience via direct marketing.

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